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How often do parents lose track of their kids?

Parenting can feel like herding cats, especially during family outings to places like amusement parks or festivals. It’s not easy to keep up with your kiddos, even when you’re on the lookout. 

A survey asked 400 parents with kids between ages 3 and 12 about their experiences with keeping track of their kids. They found that it’s pretty common for kids to slip out of sight. In fact, 22% of the parents they surveyed lost track of their kids for at least an hour. And that number almost triples for parents of children with special needs.

What can you do to keep better track of your children?

How can you keep your kids safe when they wander beyond the nest? Start by telling your kids about what kind of adults they can trust like police officers, event officials, or employees (if you’re at a store or amusement park).

Make a plan for a meeting spot that’s easy to find and remember in case you get separated. And when you’re at home, make sure they know the rules around communicating their whereabouts and what to do if their plans change.

And as a tool, we recommend kids’ GPS trackers. GPS trackers for kids let you monitor your child’s location, can even sound an alarm if you lose your kids in a crowd and call them to know that they are ok. 

Whether you keep your kids close or let them loose, their safety is your priority.

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