PinGo is the best option in the market, not only for its App, but for the low prices in the data plan.

Some facts

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PinGo is focused to track children, elders and pets, but can be on any object that you want to track like bikes, cars, suitcases, drones, etc.

In many countries, missing children are not tracked.  It is estimated that at least 8 million children worldwide go missing each year.

A very large number of children will be reported missing each year:

When a child goes missing, the first 3 hours are the most crucial in finding the child safely. In some countries, it can take over 2 hours to get information about a missing child from a panicked parent.


Family abductions are the most common type of child abduction.


Additionally, people go missing for other reasons. For example, those who suffer from mental disorders and go missing often receive little attention.


In most jurisdictions, missing person cases receive low priority.


Those with drug and alcohol addiction, psychiatric problems, and the elderly suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s make up the bulk of missing-adult cases.

In pets, this is a good alternative to the chips used under the skin. More pets can be tracked.

In a small study of lost dogs, it was found that 86% of the cases occurred under the responsibility of the most direct/intimate owner. 80% occurred on a common day and was due to carelessness. 86% of the lost dogs were without leash, as they were used to walk near their owner and 9% left home. 54% were between 6 months and 3 years old, 45% between 3 and 8 years old. Of those cases, only 51% of the dogs were able to return home. Of these, 90% was due to someone finding them and 10% returned alone. 68% were within a 2km radius of their home.


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