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Give them incremental space and freedom

Image by Nathan Dumlao


PINGO Watch W4

PINGO Watch W4 is designed for Kids.

You can locate PINGO's GPS watch everywhere, make and receive unlimited phone calls and video calls without the need for a phone nearby.


It has an SOS button. Works with 4LTE network, and it locates its position via GPS+WiFi+Cellular. It's water resistant.


It includes a PINGO service plan: Unlimited phone calls + PINGO App + Support.

W4 Dimensions.jpg


  • Real time tracking

  • Two-way phone calls

  • Video calls

  • SOS alerts

  • Reminders

  • Trusted caregivers

  • Exit safe zone alerts

  • Remote audio monitoring

  • Historical of routes

  • Alarms

  • Camera

  • Touch screen

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