PINGO's exclusive Service plan that includes: Data, unlimited phone calls (Mexico, USA and Canada), Application, and technical Support. Additional costs may apply outside of the North American region


To obtain a service plan, it is necessary that you first buy one of our PINGO watches in order to associate it with the plan.

PINGO Service Monthly Plan

Price Options
Monthly Subscription
$199.00monthly/ auto-renew
  • Service Plan

    To be able to use your watch, it's necessary to get a data and phone plan with us or with any other company, and have it active. PINGO offers a very affordable plan that includes data, unlimited phone calls, App, and technical support, with no contract. If the service plan wouldn't be paid, the service will be cancelled and the watch won't work until a plan is active.

  • Monthly Payments

    The service is automatically charged to your credit / debit card monthly.

  • Cancellation

    The subscription has to be active at least for one year. After this period, you can cancel it whenever you want. Once cancelled, the watch won't work and charges might be applied to reactivate it.

  • Includes

    Data, Unlimited Phone Calls (Mexico, USA and Canada), Application, and Support.