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Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy a PINGO?

PINGO is available in our online store.

Do I have to rent a data plan with PINGO?

PINGO needs to use a cellular signal to be found anywhere in the world, as any mobile phone does, and it has to pay the service for it. The device works with a data plan package made exclusively for PINGO, but you can get a plan from another carrier. If you decide to get it from another carrier, you just need to contact us to configurate it. We have made a great partnership to lower the rates and make the data plan affordable to use.

Can I use my own data plan from another carrier?

Yes, you can. However, we offer you an affordable data plan with your device so you don't need to do anything else. Once you get your PINGO, you simply activate it with our mobile app and you are ready to go.

Is the watch waterproof, can I swim or bathe with it?

The watch is waterproof with an IP67 certification, that is, it can be up to 30 minutes at a depth of less than 1 meter. In principle you can bathe with it or be immersed while respecting the parameters. However, it is NOT recommended to use for swimming as it runs the risk of leakage if exposed to higher pressure when being at greater depth and for longer times.

What is the coverage of the signal and the data plan?

PINGO has coverage in more than 180 countries. Nevertheless, the data plan prices are for North America (Mexico, USA and Canada). If you are planning on using PINGO outside of North America, you will need to activate global coverage, which is an additional amount for the period you are outside. PINGO is the best option in the market, not only for its App, but for the low prices in the data plan.

What does North America's coverage mean?

Currently we have coverage in North America (Mexico, USA and Canada). In the North America's coverage, PINGO works exactly the same if you are in any of these countries.

How much is the shipping?

It's FREE.

Does the App work with any smartphone?

No, at the moment it works only with iOS and Android. If you are using an alternative operating system, let us know to explore possibilities to tailor our app to your needs.

What happens when my data plan is over?

When the data plan is about to expire, you can renew it before it's over to continue using the service with no need to buy another device, so, the outlay is much lower. In case that you decide not renew your plan, the equipment is unusable.

How long does the battery last between each recharge?

It depends on how you have set the frequency with which PINGO sends its location, which can vary between every minute and up to every hour. Then the duration can vary between 8 hours and 7 days.

Why was the position not updated as often as I have it set?

PINGO triangulates its position to send it with the programmed frequency, but it depends on the connectivity around it, especially in indoors and this can generate a small delay until the connectivity stabilizes.

Why did a message come out that is waiting for the device to report its position?

The request waits for PINGO to connect in any way to respond and update its position as requested. The request depends on the connectivity so that it reaches PINGO and waits for it to update the location as soon as the connectivity allows it.

How can I add some contacts to the watch?

In our App you can add the contacts to your watch.

How can I cancel my monthly service plan?

Contact us to cancel your monthly subscription and no longer charge it to the next period

What does the monthly service plan include?

The monthly service plan includes unlimited calls to and from the device, data to report its location in real time, SOS messages, the Application and technical support.

What is different about PINGO with other options?

In addition to the quality of the watch, PINGO offers the integrated system when contracting the PINGO Service Plan. That is, you receive the watch already with the SIM installed, with unlimited calls and data included, as well as the App license and personilized service.

Why are the notifications that my children entered or exited from a safe/restricted zone not instantaneous?

This depends on how often you configured your PINGO to report its location, as well as the network connection your PINGO has.

Can anyone call to my PINGO?

No, only the contacts that you allow.

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